Scarcliffe Poor Rate 1832 - taken February 3rd 1832 by John Haskins

(this is for the whole Parish not just Scarcliffe Village)

Name of House/Land holder


George Adsetts Cottage & Garden
Isaac Allen Cottage & Garden
William Armstrong 24 acres & other land
Mary  Armstrong 28 parcels of land (properties)
John Ashley Cottage & Garden
John Bacon Cottage & Garden
John Bagshaw 24 pieces incl Homestead & croft
Francis Bagshaw 7 parcels/properties
James Baker 23  parcels
Earl Bathurst Scarcliffe Park & Tithe of woodlands
Edward Beeley, Snr Doe Lea Meadow
Edmund Beeley, Snr 31 various properties
Edmund Beeley, Jnr 25 various properties
George Beeley Cottage & Garden
John Beeley 9 properties
Samuel Beeley 25 various properties
John Bell Little Gander & Great Gander Lane
William Bradley 4 properties
George Briggs Cottage
Charles Broad Cottage & Garden
Sarah Brough Cottage & Garden
John Charlesworth Cottage & Garden
Richard Clark Cottage & Garden
Thomas Cooke Cottage
William Cooke Cottage
Ann Coupe (Widow) 14 various properties
Edward Coupe Garden at Butcher Lane
John Coupe (Miller) 21 various properties
John Coupe (Wheelwright) 11 Incl Homestead, Public House & Wheelwright's shop
John Coupe (Wheelwright) 3 properties
Robert Coupe Cottage
George Dickens 5 properties
Benjamin Dobb Cottage & Garden
Joseph Eadson 5 properties
William Farmery 5 properties
Joseph Fox Cottage & Garden
William Fox House & Garden
Widow Freeman Cottage & Garden
John Frith Cottage
Joseph Glasby 19 properties
Robert Goodlad Cottage
John Goucher 11 properties
John Guest House & Croft
Thomas Hallows, Esq Wood
Robert Handley, Snr 8 properties
Robert Handley, Jnr Cottage
William Handley, Snr 2 properties
William Handley, Jnr 5 properties
Alice Hays House & Croft, Farrow Flax & Fox, Lane Pingle
Ann Hays House & Nailer's shop
John Hays Cottage
Jane Heath (late) Cottage
John Heath (late) Cottage
John Heath House & Croft
Samuel Heath House & Croft
William Heath 6 properties
Ann Heathcote Dales Well Dike, House, Yard, Croft
 -   Hill Cottage
George Hodgkinson 32 various properties
George Hodgkinson 5  properties
John Jackson 35 various properties
Richard Jackson 3 properties
John Jeffry Homestead, Croft & 3 props
John Jeffry Cock Stile
Betty Johnson 5 properties
John Johnson, Snr House, Garden & Beer Shop
John Johnson, Jnr Tenement
Samuel Johnson 5 properties
Joseph Keeton Cottage
John Kirk 33 various properties
William Kirk Cottage & Beer Shop
George Marriott Cottage & Garden
William Marsh House & Garden
Henry Mellors 15 various properties
Henry Mellors 5  various properties
John Mellors 17 various properties
John Mellors Mill Yard
John Mellors 3 properties
John Mellors (Scarcliffe) Cottage
William Mellors Cottage & Garden
John Moss Cottage & Garden
William Mottershaw 4 props Incl House & Croft
James Naylor 6 props incl Barn & Croft
William Naylor 22 various properties
Overseers of Poor (Scarcliffe) Sundry Cottages at Palterton, Scarcliffe and Guild Wells occupied by paupers
Benjamin Proctor Cottage & Garden
Job Reddish Schoolhouse & Croft
Thomas Rolling 42 various properties
22 various properties
Samuel Rooth For the tithes, profits and
Vicar of Scarcliffe emoluments of the Vicarage
Matthew Scorer 20 various properties
Matthew Scorer 16 various properties
William Scorer 36 various properties
Richard Searston Cottage & Garden
Abraham Shacklock Flash Close
Joshua Shacklock 3 properties
George Smith Cottage & Garden
John Spray (Farmer) Cinder Heap and Wash, Cottage, Garden & Croft
John Spray, Snr Cottage, Wheelwright shop, Garden
John Spray, Jnr Public House
Joshua Spray Cottage
Staveley Overseers of Poor Rent charge, Earl Bathurst Estate
John Tomlinson 7 properties
John Vardy Tenement
John Vickers 2 meadows
Joseph Wardley, Snr 20 props incl Homestead & Croft
Joseph Wardley, Jnr 7 properties
George Wardley 6 properties
Job Walker Cottage
Samuel Warner 23 various properties
Mary West Cottage & Garden
James Whitacre 2 props & House & Croft
Matthew White Cottage & Garden
Samuel White Cottage & Garden
Francis Whitworth House, Smith's shop, yard & garden also Smith's shop at Scarcliffe
Stephen Wilson 6 properties
Stephen Wilson 2 properties
Joseph Wingfield 15 properties
John Woodhead 8 properties
John Yates 4 props, Homestead and Garden

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